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Warmbier's parents, who have appeared on Fox News Channel in the past to plead for their son's release, expressed somber gratitude.

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And though “Dancing Queen” might not have been the… deftest of musical choices for the end (though I assume it was what Mercedes and Santana had prepared in the event of whomever won—though how would Santana have performed if she had… fuck it, just fuck it), the scene where Kurt dances with Blaine is very sweet, and it gradually grows to encompass all of the other characters, even some of the recurring players and even some of the recurring EXTRAS. That sense of community, of high school as a place where people can either tear you down or give you the best prom night of your life, ran rampant through season one but has mostly been absent in season two. But as the dialogue cut out and the music took over and the characters just had a good time, captured in a series of snapshots, Glee somehow found a way to show off the best AND worst of high school and worked past its own storytelling issues to capture raw emotion. If the entirety of this show were like the last 10 minutes of this episode, it just might be the best show on TV. And even if the rest of it is a mess, it’s still the only show that can do something that simultaneously silly and transcendent. It was the highlight of the season.

Dramatik - Fuck The Prom Queen (Cynex Remix)Dramatik - Fuck The Prom Queen (Cynex Remix)Dramatik - Fuck The Prom Queen (Cynex Remix)Dramatik - Fuck The Prom Queen (Cynex Remix)