Survival - delta / sleeper - Hard Case Survival

After the mission is completed, the Lone Wanderer's rad count is reduced to 0. Moira will give the player character some Rad-X and RadAway and she will also start selling them. If the optional objective is complete, Moira remarks that the player character now has a "teeny, tiny, um, mutation" after curing them, which manifests in the form of the Rad Regeneration perk. Alternatively, should the Lone Wanderer have a high enough Science skill (at least 50), they will be given the option of simply explaining the effects of radiation poisoning. The optional objective counts as complete towards the quality of the final reward perk. However, the player character does not get the optional objective perk this way. Note that this is a "smart" response.

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The . Patient Survival Report displays an estimate of the number of patients who are alive after a bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant.

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Survival - Delta / SleeperSurvival - Delta / SleeperSurvival - Delta / SleeperSurvival - Delta / Sleeper