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David, Deborah S., and Robert Brannon, eds. The Forty-Nine Percent Majority : The Male Sex Role. Philippines: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1976.

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2. Jon presents Jim Cramer with some old footage from his shady hedge fund days in this exclusive, uncensored video (8:24).

"My parents separated in 2010, I moved out of my mother’s house in 2013. Me leaving has nothing to do with the divorce, it has to do with the living conditions at my mothers house and the way she treated me and still treats me today."

Orcas have been seen attacking cow sharks off of Cape Town, New Zealand and South America. Additionally, orcas were filmed attacking great white sharks around the Farallon islands off of California and Neptune islands off of Australia.

In a statement, Mallinckrodt reiterated that the FDA had approved Acthar for MS relapses and that MS relapses could vary among patients. Acthar is used to patients who don't respond to first-line treatments (steroids) or who cannot tolerate them, the company said.  

Eviscerated - EvisceratedEviscerated - EvisceratedEviscerated - EvisceratedEviscerated - Eviscerated